ODOT Misrepresents Traffic Count


 As part of a campaign of misinformation, ODOT officials have repeatedly stated that  the US69 traffic through Muskogee is higher than on I-40. What they don't tell you is that they included local traffic in that count to inflate the numbers. Traffic counts were taken in several places along US69 and I-40, and of course, inside the city traffic is higher when the local traffic is added to to the count. But when you look at the traffic count just before US69 enters Muskogee and just leaves, then the traffic count is much lower than on I-40 in most locations. Of course, with that much data, you can choose what you want to show. For instance, pick the highest count on I-40 and compare it to the lowest count on US69, and you can make an exact opposite argument that the bypass isn't needed for traffic reasons.  What ODOT can't do is justify spending 100 million dollars to save two minutes of time, no matter how they try to manipulate the data. 

In any event, ODOT's own 2016 Traffic study found if ODOT would finish the widening job they started, traffic issues would be resolved until 2040, and there would be no reason to spend 100 million dollars.

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