odot DENIES IT applieD for fedeRal grant for bypass

ODOT states it has NOT applied for a grant for the bypass.

Even though the Deputy Assistant Secretary  of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation has confirmed that ODOT has applied for a Federal BUILD Grant to pay for the bypass they are proposing for Muskogee (click on the letter to read) ODOT has publicly stated to MUSKOGEE NOW that no such grant was applied for and that the statement by the USDOT is not correct.  BUILD grants are a federally sponsored program to award more than $5.6 billion dollars to support road, rail, transit, port, and multimodal projects.  ODOT has further stated that they will request USDOT to correct this information. If such a correction letter is received, it will be posted on this site.  Although we hope ODOT is being truthful and they have not applied for a grant for the bypass, their lack of transparency makes it difficult to determine.   In the meantime, let the USDOT know not to grant any such application should ODOT apply for one in the future.



 Tell the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation to deny ODOT'S Application for the bypass of US69 Project in Muskogee, Oklahoma by emailing the Department of Transportation below. Be sure to add your name and address at the end.  If the link below doesn't work send your email to: BUILDgrants@dot.gov. Suggested text: 

Dear Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation,

I strongly oppose the Oklahoma Department of Transportation's project  and application for a grant  under the BUILD grant program  to build a bypass around  Muskogee, Oklahoma on US69.  ODOT had an alternative plan to ease  congestion that would cost 1/5th of the proposed bypass, but abandoned  that project when grants under INFRA/BUILD were announced. The bypass is  unneeded, unwanted, and a waste of taxpayer dollars. It has been  opposed by both state and federal elected officials, the Mayor of City  of Muskogee, the Creek Nation, and others. Please do not grant any BUILD  funds to ODOT for any project on US69 that would bypass the City of  Muskogee, Oklahoma. 

Your name

Your address