New Transportation Commissioners. No further work on US69 Bypass.

 Effective immediately, the current Transportation Commissioners no longer have a job. A new law passed March 13, 2019, and effective immediately, allows the Governor and the leaders of the Oklahoma House and Senate to appoint new members, and the old boards are dissolved. The Senate Pro Temp appoints the District 1 Commissioner that serves Muskogee and other counties in the area. We can't say goodbye fast enough to the past members, who ignored our concerns. We hope the next Commissioners, and whoever is appointed for District 1, will actually listen to us in the future! With the ability to be removed from office, perhaps the new commissioners will actually be receptive to those they serve rather than think our opinion doesn't matter!  

Former ODOT Secretary Mike Patterson informed city officials on December 18, 2018, that work on US69 through Muskogee has been placed on hold until further direction from Governor Stitt is received.  This means that, for now, the bypass is on hold-subject to the Governor's direction.  

Governor Stitt also did not re-appoint Mike Patterson as Secretary of Transportation. Current Director of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and former ODOT Deputy Director Tim Gatz was appointed as the new Secretary of Transportation.  The Transportation Commission then appointed Mr. Gatz as the new Director of ODOT effective April 1, 2019. Mr. Gatz is an excellent choice we congratulate him as the new Secretary of Transportation and Director of ODOT. We are confident that he will listen to our concerns. We expect an announcement sometime after April 1, 2019 as to what ODOT plans on doing on US69.