ODOT misleads the public on accidents on US69

After ODOT received the 2016 Traffic study that found the existing plan to widen US69 from Okmulgee Street south as originally planned would be sufficient to handle the traffic load up to 2040, ODOT then had an in-house study done that was based on accidents. However, ODOT used accidents in areas outside the US69 corridor that ODOT proposes to be bypassed, including accidents on the Arkansas river bridge, inflated numbers from work zones, animal strikes, and every minor fender bender where a report was taken by law enforcement, no matter how minor. For instance, of the six fatalities that occurred during the study period, ODOT included a fatality that occurred in a location that would not be bypassed, a DWI fatality, two pedestrians (one walking down the middle of the road late at night and another who attempted to jay walk at night),and then used that data to increase the accident rate to justify the bypass in the name of safety, finding an accident occurred 2.4 times a week.  The problem for ODOT is that if you take out the data they should not have used, the proposed area to be bypassed is safer than most roads in Oklahoma! 

ODOT's Misleading Accident Report