Director announces that bypass will no longer be an option and asks for community involvement

In  a  letter to legislators  ODOT  Director  and  Oklahoma Secretary of Transportation Desginate  announced  further suggestion of a bypass around Muskogee is suspended indefinitely.  

Our work is now complete. We will be monitoring what ODOT plans to do for US69  through Muskogee but are very confident that the new leadership at the  agency including Transportation  Secretary Designate/Director Tim Gatz and newly appointed Transportation  Commissioner Bob Coburn will decide what is best for both  transportation needs in District 1 and the community. Thanks to all  those that supported our efforts.  Some doubted anything could be done to  stop ODOT from implementing plans that would have had a disastrous  effect on Muskogee. It was a long road, but a good lesson to anyone  who  works for a governmental agency to never forget exactly who employs them. Working together, we reminded them - in the end, they work for us.