UPDATE:  ODOT WILL BE UNDER NEW LEADERSHIP.   Now it‘s official: Governor Stitt did not re-appoint Mike Patterson as Secretary of Transportation, and Patterson has resigned effective April 1, 2019 as a director of ODOT. We are hopeful that by April, the Governor will have the authority to appoint a new Director of ODOT that will listen to our concerns. This will have a major impact of bringing ODOT under control. 

BILL INTRODUCED THAT WOULD MAKE ODOT ACCOUNTABLE-AND WE SUPPORT IT 100%.   Currently, the person running the show at ODOT is the Director who is appointed by the majority of the Transportation Commission. The problem is that neither they nor the director have to consider input from anyone-and from past history, rarely do. We've been told horror stories of decisions by ODOT that was opposed by communities. An ODOT official even admitted that those who are opposed to what they propose simply "don't get a vote."  Senate Bill 457 was introduced that would allow the Governor to hire and fire the director of ODOT.  This will help reign in those at ODOT that believe their decisions are superior to the majority of those in the state they serve, and we encourage letting your Senator/Representative know you support it as well! Contact your State Senator by clicking here and your Representative here!

UPDATE: ODOT PLANNED TO PRESENT TWO OPTIONS IN JANUARY-AND BOTH SHOW ODOT IS OUT OF CONTROL. Pursuant to an Open Records Request emails from ODOT officials reflected ODOT only intends to consider two options at the public meeting to be held in 2019. One option is to create a limited access highway using the existing route that would displace over 72 businesses and 7 medical facilities. This option is estimated to cost by ODOT's own estimates $500 million. The second option is the bypass that would displace 2 businesses, 45 homes including an RV park, and Timothy Baptist Church. This option is estimated to cost $260 million. The one option ODOT is not presenting is  simply finishing what the improvement project ODOT started two years ago at more than a 90% savings that would resolve traffic and safety issues for the next twenty years or more. ODOT's proposing to spend outrageous amounts of tax dollars for a project that is unneeded and that no one wants while our children go without basic books or providing teachers with a living wage clearly prove that this is an agency completely out of control. A copy of the emails can be read here.