Sign the petition opposing ODOT's proposal to bypass Muskogee on US69!

Stop the Muskogee US69 Bypass


Our community is under attack by ODOT!

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is planning a bypass that will cost, according to their own estimates, up to 100 million dollars, and that will only save 2 to 8 minutes of travel time through the area.  This site is dedicated to stopping ODOT from further planning and construction of a bypass that would destroy the economic heart of the community, when the bypass is unneeded, unwanted, and a waste of taxpayer dollars.  Sign the online petition at that will be presented to the Transportation Commissioners, ODOT, the entire state Oklahoma Legislature, and the Governor, and show them you oppose the Muskogee Bypass!

UPDATE! Read about how ODOT is out of control!

Taking on the one of the largest and well funded agencies in Oklahoma isn't cheap or easy.  Over 9000 emails alone were supplied, and thousands of other documents that had to examined and copied.  If you wish to contribute to our cause, please click on the button below. Thanks for your support!